Kaboom Shebang started as a private personal wiki. It contains bits of information — once scattered over the internet — collected and curated into one place. It is the result of a note-taking journey that started in 2012.

Learning digital tools and new technologies go hand in hand with scouring the internet for information. Taking notes solves the problem of Google searching for the same answer over and over again. Plus, it helps with comprehending and remembering all the essential parts.

For many, note-taking is integral to understanding the topics you’re learning. Writing helps solidify information because you have to form logical sentences that capture meaning. It also creates a library in your mind, a reference for later.

This external memory, or “wiki,” is open to everyone. Read, learn, and enjoy.


Some of the objectives:

  • Make content valuable and not bloated
    • “Serve information, not horse shit”
    • Minimize obstructing advertisements
  • Be open-minded, be positive and be careful with opinions
    • Life is a trade-off: think pros and cons.
  • Make it fun and not a 100% serious
    • Like TARS: a humor setting set to 60%.