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To deploy Ethereum contracts on a test network, we need some Ethers to pay the transaction fee. You can get these from a “faucet.” These faucets distribute Ethers that only work on a specific test net. They are wallets that hold large sums of worthless test crypto.

From the docs: A faucet is an application that sends test Ether to an address.

The faucet we’ll use is created by Mudat Gupta. Check out his blog for horror stories on exchange hacks and crypto heists.

Visit the Faucet. You must use Twitter or Facebook to validate your wallet address before receiving the Ethers.

  1. Copy-paste your wallet address
  2. Create a social media post with the address (The faucet website gives more details)
  3. For example using Twitter. Just copy-paste your address and Tweet.
  4. Copy-link to tweet and paste in the faucet input.
  5. Select the amount of Ethers you want.
  6. Solve the captcha and wait for the funds to arrive

Other testnet faucets

The Ropsten and the Rinkeby faucets didn’t work for me. The Ropsten account page says: Serving from account 0xcDA0D6adCD0f1CCeA6795F9b1F23a27ae643FE7C (balance 0 ETH), so this faucet is empty. And Rinkeby returned an error. You could also try the faucet on this link.



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