Set up Metamask for testnets

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Metamask is a wallet from Consensys that can connect to an Ethereum test net and is very easy to set up. We’ll use the Görli test net for this guide.

Other wallets may also work; the only requirement is the ability to send and receive on the Görli (or other) test net(s).

Create a Metamask wallet

  1. Download the browser extension or mobile app.
  2. Create a wallet
  3. Store the password and recovery phrase in a safe place
  4. Add the Görli test network. Go to Settings, Networks, scroll down to Show test networks
  5. Optionally create a new account

Metamask account backups

Only the Main account will restore when creating a wallet from your backup phrase. You must manually create a backup if you’ve created an extra account.

Imported accounts will not be associated with your originally created MetaMask account Secret Recovery Phrase. Learn more about imported accounts.

Some other wallet options


Software wallets:


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